What We Do

Teaser, Estate Planning in Greensboro, NC
  1. Estate Planning starts with understanding your options.  We provide free information and education based on the goals and desires for your family.
  2. We assist you as a coordinator of non legal services with legal services provided by an attorney.
  3. We provide a consultation with an independent attorney if needed to discuss your estate planning goals.
  4. We will work with you and your family to provide accurate, up-to-date, creative techniques and strategies to assist you in the area of estate planning.
  5. We provide notarization of all the documents, and the notary will meet with you for complete assistance in funding the assets to meet your goals (Deeds, Assignments, Stock Transfers, Letters to Financial Institutions).
  6. We assist you with any institution regarding funding requirements by helping you fill out the proper forms.
  7. Assistance in scheduling a regular review of your estate plan every 12 to 18 months.
  8. Customer requested reviews and planning at anytime
  9. Lifetime Settlement Assistance
  10. We offer our knowledge, education and professional service for a lifetime

The best time to plan your estate is now.

None of us like to think about our own mortality or the possibility of being unable to make decisions for ourselves. This is exactly why so many families are caught off-guard and unprepared when incapacity or death does strike. Don't wait. You can put something in place now and change it later…which is exactly the way estate planning should be done.